A Separated Love: Life with an Incarcerated Loved One

A common thread I’ve noticed among those of us with someone incarcerated is that we feel alone.  In general, we don’t have anyone in our immediate family who understands our experiences.  I can’t imagine doing this years ago when the only exposure to this life is with the people I meet at our facility.  Not that they aren’t lovely people, but at visit everyone is well… visiting. Fortunately, now we have the internet which allows us to communicate with one another easily at any time of day and gives us the opportunity to find support and forge friendships with others who are experiencing the same hardships. 

It is in the spirit of those friendships that The Visiting Room has published a book that contains stories from several women who have a loved one incarcerated. It has been a labor of love and we hope that you can read these true life tales and know that you are not alone in the struggles you face. There is no right or wrong way to have a relationship of this nature and you will see in our stories that while we are in similar circumstances, the way that each woman has decided to move forward in her life and relationship is different.  By showcasing these differences and how they maneuver through the system it is our hope it brings us together as we all know what its like to worry because your phone hasn’t rang, why your letter hasn’t arrived and to pray a lockdown ends soon because you miss their voice.

You can purchase our book here!!