Prison Wife Logic: Missed a Call

You’re going about your life, your phone is in the other room, then you realize your loved one may try to call. What do you do? Of course, you run into the other room and grab your phone and your face drops… you missed a call.


We’ve all been there, it happens. All relationships are different, so your inmate’s reaction to this may be different than mine. (Though real talk, if they get pissed off because you don’t answer the phone you should maybe have a serious talk about trust and control.) For us, if I don’t answer the phone, it isn’t a big deal. He assumes I’m working or I’m having fun with my friends or family and didn’t hear the phone ring. It makes him happy when I go out and do things. I think in a lot of ways he lives vicariously through me in experiencing things, so I try to always have a good story to tell him.

Anyway, back to you missing calls! What do you do!?!

First, stop kicking yourself and being upset. We all miss calls. We have lives and that is okay. Second, go back to what you were doing before and take your phone with you. Sometimes, if I don’t answer, he lets the person behind him go and then tries again. Finally, relax!! If you’re really upset about it write a letter or put a card in the mail.

Easier said than done, I know. It is hard to know when they will call, and we worry when they don’t, but the nice thing is that if they tried to call – we know they are okay AND we know that we are on their minds. So we don’t really have anything else to worry about. Sometimes, if I am really missing him and its been a few days, I’ll just sit down and write him a letter with whatever I wanted to talk about.

So that’s it, if you miss a call stop stressing about it. Go back to doing your whatever. He’ll call again and if you just can’t stop… write him a letter about how much you love him.