Woman of the Week: February 1, 2017 – Crystal Hutchens

Our Woman of the Week for today is Crystal Huchens.  She is active on the page, offers advice to other wives, and loves her husband!!!!  Also today is some kind of important day for them, so let’s show the Hutchens’s some love!!!


1. What’s your name? Crystal Hutchens

2. What’s your relationship with the prison system? My husband is doing time for parole violation and tampering with his ankle monitor…

3. How long have you known/been involved with this person? Did you know them previous to incarceration or did you mwi? We actually only met this past July 18. He was incarcerated with a friend of mine’s brother (Tim). He used to pick around and steal pictures of me that I sent to to Tim (whom I met through my friend while he was incarcerated and he needed a friend.) Tim would call me and “Country” would jump on the phone and be silly sometimes. I really didn’t think a lot about it and then my friend and I went to visit her brother July 16. He told her not to forget to pick up “Country” on Monday. I rode with her and after hours of miscommunication we tracked him down up the street at Wendy’s where another friend met him and fed him a burger while he waited on us. It was an instant click!! I knew I had to keep him around. The parole office wouldn’t contact him so he had a few free days to roam before he got a curfew and bracelet. In a whirl wind of events a beautiful love grew fast and we were married this past October. Things were hard and unfortunately he was violated but I’m right here waiting for my baby to come home!! I’m struggling quite a bit because of some situations but the only thing I’m not questioning or struggling with is my love for him.

4. How often do you see/ talk to your loved one? I don’t get to visit because I’m currently homeless and couch surfing. I have license but no car to go see him. I can’t even get my letters sometimes. I haves to have people text meet pictures of them but he’s calling when he can afford to.

5. What would be the #1 hardest thing you have dealt with while your loved one is serving time? I’m currently not able to work but I can’t see a doctor for my problem either because of my situation and not having insurance…

6. How have support networks helped you through this? The couple of friends I have are great emotional support most of the time, this page helps me know I’m not alone.

7. What advice would you give to someone else in your position? Be patient, take the time to reflect on how you can help him to stay strong and do better, and to just remind him every chance you get that you love him and you’re still right here waiting!

8. What is your favorite thing about your loved one? His passion, the shine I see in his eyes when he talks about things he loves… Guitar, music, me, his children

9. What is one thing you do to maintain a closeness in this relationship? I try to make sure I make our calls as private as possible no matter where I am. I don’t want him to think I’m letting others distract me or come before him.

10. What has been something positive that your loved one or you have gained from this experience? A reality check that sometimes I was too hard on him and I treated him as though he were just like the rest when he is the exact opposite!!

11. And is there anything else you would like everyone to know? My husband has a much shorter sentence than a lot of your loved ones but considering the short amount of time I’ve had him it feels like an eternity to me and you all inspire me to support him to my best ability!! You’re all beautiful souls, I truly mean that!

12. What’s something you like about The Visiting Room? What would you like to see more of? I love the funny memes, I love the quick response. I haven’t noticed anything yet that needs improving!

13. What question would you like to ask the other ladies? Rather a statement really, if any one needs a texting buddy or sometimes I get depressed and need motivating… I’d be happy to exchange numbers or messages!